Jo · Phil · Fred · JP · Isma


It has been ten years now that Flayst tours around western Switzerland and enchants your ears with the finest melodic death metal. The band was initially founded in 2005 by Jo, Isma, Nico (former bassist), Phil and Olivier (former vocalist). Fred (current vocalist) came into the band in 2008. Influenced mainly by bands like Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum, or Dark Tranquility, the band enhances their songs with electronic sounds and even a taste of rock / pop.

Fred · Voice

Tired of singing and shouting all alone in his car or in the shower, Fred was looking for some guys to play music with. He joined Flayst in 2008. Fred was the last one to join the group, but all members gave him a very warm welcome. Inspired by bands like Katatonia, Paradise Lost and Amorphis, he is the main vocalist and songwriter of the band. His strong presence on stage is often very appreciated by the audience.
Gear : Sennheiser, Mackie, JBL

Jo · Guitars

Jo is one of the band members without whom Flayst would never exist. He is also the one who met Fred and invited him (after way to many bears) to be the singer the band. Inspired by bands like In Flames, Soilwork, Omnium Gatherum andInsomnium, Jo is a very gifted guitar player who invests lots of time in conceiving new songs for the band.
Gear : Washburn, LTD, PRS, Peavey, Boss

Isma · Guitars

Isma started playing guitar at the age of 12. Bands like In Flames, Depeche Modeand Iron Maiden have inspired him all along. He started his career with our dearest friends from the band Ever Since. Today, he can proudly say that he is playing his favorite instrument for over 20 years. With Isma, the band has a very experienced musician who is always full of innovative ideas.
Gear : Peavey, PRS, LTD, Boss, Marshall

Phil · Drums

Playing drums for over 10 years, Phil is a remarkable musician. He has a very good musical ear and is always very creative when it comes to forge new songs. Incorporating a wide variety of influences, his favorite bands are Alter Bridge, Pink Floyd and Rammstein.
Gear : Roland TD-30 with acoustic cymbals

JP · Bass & Keys

Like Isma, JP also played with Ever Since a few years back. He has over 15 years experience in keys, programming and audio engineering. It is always a pleasure to see how JP is able to intensify the band’s songs with impressive electronic sound. JP has quite a large selection of favorite bands. A few examples are Strapping Young Lad, Rozz Williams and Midnight Juggernauts.
Gear : Korg Karma, Trinity, 01wfd, MS2000, MicroXL
Software : Native instruments (Absynth, FM7)